Monday, October 31, 2005

31st Oct 2005

Thanks everyone who told me not to give up.
I'm quite alright :) just very a little demoralised..
I can't concentrate at all.
Though I will still go for the Exams.
I know I will do quite badly.
Passing would be good enough for me.
Wish me all the best ya?

Today, I went out with darling.
He dyed my hair.
So now, my hair has a touch of red. :)
and I love it.
Only can see under strong sunlight.
(so teacher cannot anyhow catch me arh.. heh heh)

Mooz from Kmooz send me a message through sms to let me know...
I can get Jay Chou's new album tml!
I'm so so so so happy! :)

Going town tomorrow.
To buy the album.
Will pay FEP a visit.
Wanna get someones bday present. :)
& maybe go check out localbrand Tee-shirt.
I think I like the samsui women design shirt. hee.

So if you miss me,
You know where to find me tomorrow.
(nah, no need to hide.. I know you're stalking me... wahahaha. *grins*)

Walk a lot today. tired now.
Going to sleep soon. ciaos!

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