Monday, October 24, 2005

bad mood? pms?

The paragraph below is in small print because it's not for mummy and daddy to see.
by the time darling comes back, my bloody period should be around the corner.
period=no good sex.
It'll be too messy to be good.

How do I feel now: Troubled. Mad at myself.

Have you ever made a promise to meet someone and when it nears, you suddenly didn't' feel like stepping out of your house? Or seeing that person for instance?

I always do.
and I'm wondering why.
Does it happens to you too?
Be it close friends or family members or clients, anyone at all.
At the point of time when you fixed the date, you're quite positive about it.
Suddenly, because you or in this case, ME.
had this stupid feeling/urge to be selfish.
And do what your heart/mind is telling you.
Spend that precious time doing what you would want to do.

I just hate it when I feel that way.
It's just so "wrong".

But I really didn't feel like going out.
Esp when I know I'm in deep shit now.
I've emptied my wallet & my bank account will soon have no more balance.

I have to curb my spending.
It's now, or I'll regret for the rest of my life.

Somehow, I wanna stop being a nice person.
I want to think for myself only can?

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