Monday, September 8, 2008

Updating my resume.

I've informed The Boss.
I'm leaving The Company in about 12 weeks time!
Gave him 3 month's notice okay!!! hahas.

I was updating my resume this afternoon.
Didn't want to wait until the last minute when I desperately really need to update it because I know I'll leave out too much information.

My job as an Accounts cum Sales Assistant is to provide assistance to the Managing Partner aka The Boss. The Company is quite small, thus most of us have to handle quite a few duties. I'm really happy to say, I've learned a lot and gained a lot of experience working in this company. Although there are some friends who very often complain that I'm busy everyday. *cough*Lynn*cough*

Here are some of my duties..
Updating and maintaining Sales Order List x2.
Scheduling deliveries.
Basic Book-keeping, e.g. Issuing cheques, checking Invoices, recording relevant payments and receipts, filing of documents, etc. x2
HR related duties, e.g. Payroll, keeping record of Staff’s leaves, claims, etc. x2
Customer Service duties, e.g. attending to walk in customers, phone calls and emails.
Admin duties, e.g. Sorting and attending to incoming mails x4
Assist in selling of company's range of products. (No commission) x2
Maintaining the general appearance of showroom.

*Those with x2 means I'm doing that for both companies. Yes, The Boss has 2 companies!
*The one with x4 is because The Boss has 4 showrooms! I retrieve letters from the letter boxes of 2 showrooms and The Boss will bring letters/faxes from the other 2 showrooms.

So actually I should be called the Accounts cum Human Resource cum Customer Service cum Admin cum Sales Officer who also does scheduling of deliveries and upkeep showrooms! :p

No, I'm not complaining.
Yes, I'm such a "show-off". :p

Imagine this fake conversation:
Me: XXX(Company name), Good Afternoon
Caller X: Hi, I would like to speak to the Sales department.
Me: Yes, how can I help you?
Caller X: oh you sound really young, can I speak with your manager or someone else?
Me: My manager is not around, how can I help you?
Caller X: Can you put me to your Customer Service Department?
Me: Yes I'm the Customer Service Officer, can I help you?
Caller X: I need to speak with someone who does the deliveries, can you put me to someone in the department?
Me: Hi miss, I can assist you, just give me your order number or name.
*Problem solved*
Caller X: Could you put me to the Accounts Department or would you know how should I make the balance payment?
Me: You can pay by cheque, make it payable to XXX(company name) or come down to your showroom to make payment by credit card at least one day before delivery.
Caller X: You sound really young, can you put me to your HR department?
Me: I'm the only one in this office, maybe you would like to call my boss on his mobile.
Caller X: What? You are sh*tting me right? How could there be only one staff in the office?? Your boss is crazy!
Me: Yea, I think so too. :P

*Above conversation is thought out by me lah, don't take it too seriously k... I'm just joking.*

P.S: I'm not that good, without my senior guiding me whenever I have things I don't understand. I'll not be able to handle this kind of job one loh.

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