Saturday, September 6, 2008

Yesterday's post was HOT!

Yesterday's post : Singapore famous bloggers I really want to meet! got to the top spot on! Sweet loh! I thought posting at night no one read the loh. :p

Suddenly I got so many viewers. hahas.
The graph looks so funny lah!

Anyway tml or rather later will be a super busy day.
Which reminds me I've got to go charge my battery! (I mean camera battery)
Might be going to my ex-office building alone in the afternoon for an event.
Will blog about it if I remember to charge my camera (battery) and bring along my camera with battery!

I'm prone to going to events with a camera with low or no battery, or bring camera but left battery at home or I totally forget to bring the camera. -.-

That's all for now.
I got to go read a bit and go sleep! :)
Nights to anyone who just came back from partying?

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