Sunday, September 21, 2008

7th Pack of Free Sample

In case you missed the previous free samples reviews:
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Can you believe it? I'm into my 7th pack now?
I think I'm addicted to trying new stuffs. :p
If only these are advertorials... *sighs*

Anyway, I'm just writting this free sample series cause I feel like keeping a record of my reviews. :)

All that you see in these reviews, can be found in the website where I got my samples from. But you don't get to see these photos that I took there lah. And if you specifically want to read my review on a product, you'll have to look for it, which is quite troublesome IMO (in my opion), which is why I decide to blog it here for your benefit okay!

I'm still in the skincare mood. This time.. I've got Masks to try out! :)
Oh and I got 10 small tubes of contact lens solution and a new contact lens case too!

Title: P2 revitalise Multi Purpose Solution
Rated: 3/5
Like: Simple packaging and it's not too expensive.
Dislike: Doesn't clean as well after a while?
Main Review: I used 2 bottles (regular) of this before changing back to complete. When I purchased it, the promotion was 2 bottles comes with 1 or 2 trial kit and 2 contact lens case. I remember the price to be a bit lower than complete and it's not that bad. If I'm feeling broke and ran out of contact lens solution, I may buy this brand again. :) Maybe I was slowly becoming lazy or something, the solution seems to become less effective by the time I'm halfway through a bottle. But when I open a new bottle, it worked alright again. Weird?
Will I Buy It: Maybe

Title: NIVEA Visage Peel off Mask
Rated: 3/5
Like: Different from sheet mask, smell alright.
Dislike: Sticky and not sure what's it suppose to do. :p Main Review: It's my first time trying this and it's quite a fun experience. I manage to peel off the whole mask in 1 piece! When you apply it, it's kinda sticky and looks kinda "wet-shiny". After I wash my hands, sit down check some mails and in about 15mins, the mask feels like it's tighten and it's ready to peel off. Not sure what's it supposed to do for me. No blackheads removed but the outer part of my face does feel a little smoother though. Might buy some to play around with after I finish my tons of sheet mask. :p
Will I Buy It: Maybe

Title: Neutrogena Fine Fairness Peel Mask
Rated: 3/5
Like: 5mins can wash off!
Dislike: Washing off and not much effect on me.
Main Review: I thought it's a "peel-off" mask, but it's actually a wash off mask. hahas. The peel in this case actually means "peeling off" the dead skin from your face and not you ownself peel off the mask. It has a little bit of beads like stuffs, which reminds me of exfoliator (wrong spelling I think). After using the product, it makes my skin feels a little smoother, but it doesn't seems to "whiten" the stuffs I want it to whiten. :p Maybe need to use a few more times but then thirty++ is a little bit steep for 5 small tubes. I might need to consider carefully before buying it or wait for any major SALES! :p I like the short timing needed for the product to work, 5mins passby a lot faster then 15mins. :p
Will I Buy It: Maybe

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