Sunday, September 28, 2008


Dad hospitalised yesterday.
Took leave to accompany mum.
She's much stronger than I taught.
When I was at the hospital yesterday with mum and hubby, dad still knocked out by GA after operation so he didn't know we were there. Mummy spent the whole day settling things for dad. Just like she's his personal assistant.

Went to see him again today with The Wong Brothers and maid to pass him some home cooked food. After his meal, he felt sleepy and we left shortly after.

Weird knowing that he wouldn't be home, not till doctor says so anyway.
He knows it's "手停口停" literately means hands stop working, mouth stop eating.
He's like tyring to prove that he'll be ready for work soon. But we all knows it's at least a good 2 weeks before he can move properly again. :(

Went to office today to bring the office lappie back.
Which reminds me, I've got to check emails later.
Oh I've got a new lady in the office.
She'll be taking over me and I'm teaching her whatever I can.
I think I make a really poor teacher. :p

So many things happening, let's just hope everything's alright soon.