Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Guess where I went on Monday afternoon?

Does this photo gives you any answer?

Very obvious liao.. Still cannot guess?

Yes, I finally visited Qian Zu Ge!

No photos inside cause I was alone that day. :(
Used my $30 voucher and topped up $28 for their 1hr foot massage.
It's really relaxing and I felt like sleeping loh! The staffs are really nice and I felt really pampered and enjoyed the whole 1hr massage! :) If I'm going back for foot massage, I'll ask for the same girl who serviced me. Problem is, I forgot to ask for her name. :(

I also did my first classic Manicure and Pedicure using the package I bought at the cozycot party.

I know my toes looks funny.

I love love love love my chio chio de nails!!! :)
The girl who did my nails is called Ivy I think.
She's very very very pretty and very good at what she's doing. :)

Didn't manage to take proper photos of my nails till Tuesday night.

My left hand.

And right hand.

Up-close photo of my toe nails.

Up-close photo with flash. :) *bling bling*
Nice mah? :P

Will go back again when I have extra cash to pamper myself. :P
Will take lots of photos then. :)


  1. thanks! hahas. I love it. Don't bare to remove it now. :(

  2. So totally regret not buying the QZG mani+pedi package during the Cozycot party... ARGH!