Sunday, September 21, 2008

Souvenirs from Japan.

Finally meet my Sha Xiao Mei on Friday. :P
Met her for breakfast at J8 before rushing for work.
So paiseh. I late she still treat me breakfast. :P

I was late for 1 hour not because I want to be late de k.. It's some miscommunication between my mum, my maid and me. And I'm still quite angry with her(my maid) for having 3 phones and I still cant contact her. -.- Now she's aiming for my k750i which I don't intend to give her because it's my favourite phone ever and I want to keep as spare phone when I finally save enough to get a new phone.

Went to collect my prize at United Square before cabbing down to J8 to see my dearest sister.
The prize will be in another post, cause I have lots of camwhore photos with my prize and also the unboxing photos. :) Which reminds me, I'm still waiting for hubby to post unboxing photos of his shoes on his blog which is like so dead liao (his blog, not his shoes). -.-

Alright stop crapping..Here are the photos. :)

The very cute bag. :)

For me! :p

This is what's in the bag.

My Sha Xiao Mei really sha sha de..
She bought 2 handphone accessories from 2 different places for me.. I only got 1 phone leh. hahas.
Then the oval shape hello kitty thingy from Universal Studio.. I can't figure out what it is. Anyone knows?

Sometime in March, Ber got me a lollipop handphone accessory.
It looked like this:

Know how it looks like now?

No more lollipop, but still got love. :p

When you go SH, don't buy me handphone accessories le k. :P
Buy me 1 piece of cookie. If got Jiro is there, buy him for me I also don't mind. :p
I'm missing you already!

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