Tuesday, September 9, 2008

11 August 2007. -Meet the cast of 881 @ Tampines Mall

OMG! I didn't notice that I didn't blog about this event at all!
This post is like more than 1 year liao? -.-

There were simply too many photos for me to edit and I think I just totally forget about it. :p
oh. and I remember I couldn't upload the "live singing" video onto youtube or photobucket because the video file is too huge! (254MB). :P

So here are some 64 random photos.
Sha Xiao Mei's post on this event here.

Anyway, I have yet to watch the movie! This is craziness!!! -.-
I haven watch 12 lotus also! & Leap Years! and Home Song Stories! Aiya so many movies haven watch!!! :(

So the story goes.. 13 months ago, I met Sha Xiao Mei to go play at Downtown East but end up couldn't play cause it rained! Then we decide to go watch movie. I think it's Jay Chou's The Secret. We went to Tampines Mall to get tickets, there was some waiting time in between the time we bought the tickets and the showtime, so we decide to walk around a bit.

We chance upon the "Meet the Cast of 881!".
Saw the lead actor, Qi Yi Wu and grab him to take photo. :p

He's really friendly. :)

Maybe you can't see it, but I was like really shy and awkward lah.
See my hand there? I duno where to put so put so I hold my bag.. If it's hubby, I'll hug him loh. but it's stranger leh. I shy shy. Hubby that time still say we look like very close in the photo. -.-

Why I suddenly remember this post?
Because I had a dream on Monday night. Details cannot put in this blog lah. :p

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