Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Chicky's first attempt at Chicky's Egg Wrap Ham.

Saturday hubby came down to pick me up after work.
To "reward" him, I decide to cook for him the next day.
But we end up agreeing that we should both cook in case one is not edible. :p

He cooked first and his egg is with ham and mushroom.
No photos because his food doesn't look that nice. :P

Then it's my turn.
Once I heat up the pan, that naughty boy go and take my camera out. -.-
He want to take photos of me "出丑" and show my blog readers that CHICKY CANNOT COOK!
So, must prove him wrong!

*Dear readers, Chicky is a lousy cook, so if you want to learn how to cook, I suggest the library for recipes. Chicky shall not be responsible if anyone have tummyache or diarrhea after eating food cooked as according to her "recipes".*

First, fry ham. I know many people eat their ham cold, but I prefer to fry it a little, feels that there's more taste. :) Fry for a short while, no need to cook too long. If you don't like, you can don't fry also lah.

After frying, put it a side.

Then must beat up the eggs. Normally 1.5 to 2 eggs is more than enough. Depends on your pan size. Don't be too greedy and put 3 eggs like what hubby did. End up the pan too small and the egg didn't turn out pretty loh.

Once pan is heated up, put a tiny bit of oil or butter.
Or you can put the oil or butter while heating up also lah. Up to you.
If you are the kind who can't tell if the pan is hot enough, I suggest that you invest in a Tefal pan. Price should be around SGD20+++ onwards. The red spot in the middle would turn even redder when it's heated up. :)

After spreading the oil or butter, you can pour the eggs in.

Eggs. :)

It doesn't take long for the egg to cook.
So you may proceed to place ham on the egg. If you like, you can also put mushroom or cheese on it too. :)

Using a fork and a spatula, carefully wrap the ham with the almost fully cooked egg.
Then, carefully turn/flip it around and you may switch off the fire. :)
Must be careful if not like me, make one hole on the side. :p

Chicky's Egg Wrap Ham. :)

To cover unsightly hole on the egg, place the rest of the extra ham on top. :p

If you think the egg is too plain, you can add pepper or tomato sauce, or soy sauce or even chili and spring onion also can lah. :)

You can decorate the plate with whatever you have. :)

There you go. A simple homemade dish brought to you by
Chicky and Hubby. :)

Hubby looks damn funny here cause I randomly just snapped this photo when he's having the last bits of my Egg Wrap Ham. hahas.