Monday, September 29, 2008

No Money No School loh.

Normally when people receive letter stating that their application for a course has been successful and they've been offered a place, they would be really happy.

I got a shock and then got bloody worried.

The course fee increased from 4400 to 4800 which the course consultant says it's "printing error on the brochure", after GST and all, total cost: SGD5,349.00!


The 2nd shock of the day: I have to give them the confirmation letter and the payment for the course by 07 October 2008 (10 days from the date I received my letter), or the place will be given to other people! :(

Will be calling my course consultant.
I wouldn't have that much money ready in such a short time. I couldn't even come up to the amount for the first installment cause I've not gotten my pay for September yet.

1 comment:

  1. I used to work at a school. You can go to and look for them for their student loans to cover your course fees.

    They usually can cover up to 100% if the amount is so small like this. But the thing is that you would need 2 guarantors to sign in with you.

    Thats it! :) Good luck.