Sunday, September 7, 2008

My Sunday without Hubby... quite fun. :)

It's not the first time hubby has to spend weekends at work.
But it's the first time I actually went out on my off day without hubby dragging me up in the morning to go out! lols.

Since yesterday's blog entry, I read "Tuesday with Morrie" till 2+am in the morning.
I cried from the start until I put down the book loh! I'm crazy!!
Stop reading at page 65 cause hubby made me want to shop.
We were talking on the phone when he mention that I'm not supposed to shop so much anymore.. Which makes me think of shopping and hahas.. I just went online to look for and good deals loh.

Woke up quite early on Sunday consider that I slept quite late.
(So late that I don't remember what time I slept at, all I remember was I was really really tired then I got knocked out. :p)

I'm having a rather nasty week at work.
A little stressed up cause I feel a little suffocated.
Then I'm hit by the irritating bad skin days and fat days lah!
Decide to go "break-in" my new shoes.

uglyfatchick no like bad skin days. :(

Didn't really ran much loh.
Jogged a tiny bit and walked quite a fair bit and climb up the stairs, 15 stories loh!
Walked or climb or whatever, I make sure I kept moving for at least 30mins. Cause hubby say before, only 30mins and above then can burn fat de loh. hahas.
Now my legs and buttocks aching liao leh. :(

Went home, ate breakfast cum lunch and then went to shower loh..
Causes I preparing to go to CozyCot's Holy Grail Private Party!

I know I'm so crazy! To camwhore on bad skin days! Siao hor?
Then end up have to find ways to make my photo look "see-able". -.-

After camwhoring a little, took bus to my old workplace.
Yes, Cozycot is just one story below my ex-company. :p
The party didn't actually felt like a party. No food, no drinks one leh. (Actually there's coffee lah but I no drink coffee de neh..)

Felt like I was at some kinda market, there wasn't that many people and I felt weird walking around ALONE. bah. Even the cheapo in me doesn't think that the goodies bag is that fantastic loh. But I did purchase a couple of items there though..

Bought a "package" thingy to do my nails at Qian Zu Ge. Dmg: $28.00
Will make appointment to go down one day sia. Wanna go use my $30 voucher on their foot massage too! hahas. Go torture myself. :P

Also bought a blusher from ettusais. Dmg: $29.00
Don't have many blusher (only 1) so decide to buy one more loh.

Felt really bored and went off after I bought the blusher.. Went to shop in Bugis instead. Walked round and round and round, in Bugis while talking on the phone with various people.

Bought Eyelash curler ($4.85) from watsons cause the "new-old" one dieded. -.-
Got some facial cotton (with any purchase, $1.00) cause the other brand one which I'm currently using kinda sticks to my face? :(
And I've finally found the fake lashes I lost! Bought 2 box cause they were having this sale thingy. Cost like $11.00 for both! Sweets!

Met Lynn (Secondary school classmate) at Bugis and we walked all the way to Cityhall.
hahas. She's my walking kaki. :p Took bus home from there. Really tired sia. Whole day out and 90% of the time I'm kinda alone. -.-

Went home and divided the loots, I mean the goodies in the goodies bag.
Gave some to my mum, some to my brothers, some to my maid and these are what's left for me loh.

Maybe I expected too much.
Anyway it's FREE stuffs, I shouldn't grumble so much. hees.

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