Thursday, September 18, 2008

Got flies at The coffee club, what should I do?

Sunday, decide to treat hubby to breakfast at The Coffee Club (Harbour Front).

So bored while waiting for breakfast..

Remember the eeky water from top incident?
This time it's files! -.-

From where I sit.

Zoom in. Blurry.

Super Zoom in. EEk!!!

Just next to me. Dirty chair. :(

Am I just so unlucky or what? :(
What should I do?
I don't know what to do loh. :(

Anyway, the food's not bad though.

Hubby and I had the same stuffs.

We like the eegs. :P

oh. That day I bought this pan from Giant, quite expensive loh!
You know the one with the red spot in the middle one leh? T---- something something de lah.
I haven't got chance to fry egg with it yet. :p

oh. shit. I have to go sleep le.
Nights people...


  1. complain to management!
    (like that you can get free breakfast)
    ehh the eggs like hello panda if u look closely.

    on a side note, i need your opinions regarding my website.