Monday, September 15, 2008

XiaXue the blogger Queen and I. :)

I actually told mummy I was going to a party to see if she's really as short as me.

Realise from the photo we're of the same height!
& my makeup kinda melt liao. -.-


  1. you both look so petti

  2. hahas. Thanks! Wenn and Young Werther. :)
    You all are so kind lah. Make me want to float up into the sky liao. :p

  3. have to agree with your easily look better than XX.At least you're a natural...

  4. Ya. Same height, you girls look gorgeous. ;)

  5. Articulator & Fooi,
    Thanks for commenting. :)
    You all made me so happy lah. hahas.

  6. I think this pic din really do justice to XX. She looks prettier in person, just tat her eye makeup was more drama than usual.

    Christina, wat time did u leave tat night? I tot I saw someone with ur hairstyle... shldn't have tied it up... let it down then look more chio mah :P

  7. Yah. I stated in the previous post that "It's a really blur and kinda poorly taken photo which will only be out in the next post. muahaha.. But honestly the lighting was really bad larhs. :("

    I left ard 11+ bah cause still manage to take bus home. :p My hair's like mid length and really crazy when I don't tie it. :P