Monday, September 8, 2008

Are Singapore guys becoming more inconsiderate or am I not "hot" enough?

Ranting post.

I was on a public transport the other day. On a bus to be more exact.
Notice that the front part of the bus seems to be a little packed, with limited space to stand, I choose to move to the back of the bus so that more people can get on the bus.

Now, I was quite happy and surprised when I reach the back.
Because there were 4 empty seats!
Since I was carrying a really heavy bag and a big plastic bag, a seat would be great.

I was facing the people beside the empty seats, before I could ask if they could move in or let me move in, they actually turned away to face the bloody window as if I'm transparent!

Not 1, not 2 but 4 grown up men refuse to move a tiny bit for a little girl like me.
And I'm not even asking them to give up their seats loh. Just shift their legs to let me move in also cannot mah?

Or am I really so ugly and fat that no one want to sit next to me? :(

*Someone says I should use camera phone to take photo of these guys and put it in this post to prove that I'm not lying. I told him "if I got 3 hands, maybe I would". -.-

Guys are like so insensitive lah. :(


  1. Not all guys are insensitive lah, you just happen to chance upon those inconsiderate ones. I never occupy the outer seat, not ever. I always move into the inner one, even if it puts me at an inconvenience. Wished there were more Singaporeans who actually think about others instead of only themselves.

  2. Thanks darran for your comment.
    I guess I'm really damn unlucky loh. haiz..

  3. actually there are aunties who do this also :P

    so in the end did u ask them?

  4. But they are all not very old men leh. Like 20s-30s only. -.-

    Standing for another 10-15 stops or so doesn't hurt me. It's highly irritating but those poor guys have to look outside or pretend they don't see anyone until they get off the bus. Poor things. :p

    If only those old uncles and aunties in front know that there are actually seats at the back that are not taken.. Duno will they scold the these people anot. :p

  5. Ermm.

    You could have asked them or gesture that you wanted to occupy the inner seat.

    I doubt anyone would refuse that.

  6. lol shld jus directly move urself toward e seat inside den dey no choice hav to move and let u in :P or say loudly "excuse me"..