Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I miss my friends. :(

Time really files.
Today, I made it a point to visit at least 5 ex classmate's blog.
I realised I've only been visiting ShaXiaoMei's blog cause I link her in my blog. The rest, I had to search for their blog address. (I don't link them because some of them request me not to okay! Not I don't want to link them lah!) :(

Looking at some of their latest posts, it's evident that everyone has moved on.
New classmates, new friends.. New life.
No, I don't mean that it's bad, it's really good to move on!
I just.. I just miss them a lot. Do they miss me too? :(

Somedays I feel really friendless.
..Feel leftout.
..Hate to be a workaholic.
..Hate to have to save up for my own studies.
..Wish I was still studying with them.
No way to turn back time now.
I just wish they wouldn't forget me.

A little emotional right now.
but I'm fine.

Suddenly I thought of Angel.
When she says she doesn't have friends I thought we could connect.
I thought we could be friends or even closer.
Then I felt bloody betrayed when she started scolding me for being short and fat. -.-
Whatever lah. I've always been short and fat what.

It seems like I've never been good enough for anyone.
I just want everyone to be happy and they seemed happier without me.
Maybe I'm really the irritating selfish sort.

Crap. I'm getting too negative again.
Alright. Got to go prepare for work already.
Chop Chop, pick up those feelings and my heavy body and let's move it.



  1. we're EXclassmate but we're still friends !! :D We all have to move on, not that we want to, and that we have to ((: Moving on doesnt mean forgetting the past ! I will never forget those days we shared! Best memories ever n_n

    I always come your blog one okay! Just that i dont comment heh. Anyway, you can link me if you want to ! :DD

  2. CHRISTINA! i do visit your blog too! you have been missed!


  3. Thanks! "NUT" & "CASE". :p

    Now I feel so bad that I don't go to your blogs often enough.

    But don't worry, I've bookmarked your blogs. :)

    I miss you all. :(
    Can't wait to see you girls soon! :)

  4. Come my blog for what? HAHAHA. Nothing interesting x:

    YESYES! The upcoming gathering woooots ~