Friday, September 5, 2008

Singapore famous bloggers I really want to meet!

There are many bloggers I want to meet.

I've met DK. The guy with his head on table?
I've a group photo with him. :)

I've met Sheylara (QiaoYun) and also Ice-Angel!
No photos with the babes. :(
Cause I'm either too shy or well, too shy. :p

So IRL (in real life), I've been told that I look like somewhat resemble 2 different famous bloggers. And these 2 bloggers are bloggers whom I really want to meet! Cause I've never met them before lah!

One is Singapore's Blogger Queen XiaXue!
Been reading her blog for years liao, just no chance to see her.
Singapore not small enough. :p

And the other is Nadelicious Nadnut!
I've just started reading a bit of her blog very recently after someone told me that I kinda somewhat resembles her lah. Then when I went to google for her blog to look for a photo of her to show my boyfriend who've never seen her photo before, he also say that we look alike. -.-
So I really want to meet her and see if we do look alike. I think I'm fatter!

I really hope to meet the both of them.. but..
I don't know what to say?
I think I would be too starstuck and shy! :(

So which Singapore's famous bloggers do you want to meet?

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