Thursday, September 4, 2008

Queen of Randomness Blogging.

Eek. Red Lips!

The $5 sleeping attire mummy bought for me. hahas.

My blogs entry are like so random and some of my posts are overdue posts..

I blog in crappy broken language and sometimes I write like a grandmother telling her grandchildren boring "war" stories. Not that all war stories are boring, but more like everyday is like "war".

Sometimes too much stuffs happening in a day.
Sometimes nothing happens and you feel lost.
Sometimes there are "national" secret so you cannot let anyone know
Sometimes there's no food.
And sometimes there's food!


You never know what I'll blog about next!
Let the randomness continue.. :p


  1. Truthfully... the red suits, very nice :)

    Bargain yesterday bought 4 clinique lipstick for A$19.99