Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Mood: Pissed then pleased.

Mood today: one moment I'm like really pissed next I'm like so pleased. :p

The Boss is in bad mood today.
Morning he was like finding fault in everyone loh. I felt really pissed when he doesn't listens to us and keep insisting that we're lying or whatever lah. Then due to some misunderstandings some customers called to complain about my college. I informed The Boss that the customer will call him and he's like really pissed with me. I don't know why lah. but I'm also pissed lah. lols. After the whole thing blows over, he called to say the customer complimented me. -.-

So I'm like quite pleased lah. Cause totally didn't expect the customer will tell the boss to compliment me. lols.

Happy like siao (mad) now. :p
Although don't know when he'll scold me again. -.-
Okay.. end of my 10mins break, I got to go continue do my work liao.
Tons of things to settle larhs!!!

Countdown: 73days to go. :P

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