Tuesday, November 1, 2005

Me & Jay Chou's November's Chopin. :)

Bad weather spoils my day.

But then again..

I got Jay Chou's Poster!
heh heh.
@ HMV.

Comes free with Jay's New album. ;)

I think Jay looks good on the MTV.
though he looks so sad, that I wanna cry leh..

I think I promised someone that I'll take photos of me with the album..
so here's it... :)

Princess panda with her favourite artist's album. :)

Honestly, I think I'm looking haggard.
Like some old auntie housewife whom have been stuck at home all the time, no friends, no sex time to relax, stressed out by work & every other family things.
IGNORE my pajamas!!!

& I got no money to buy comb.
If you're nice, you'll buy me one right? :p

I'll show you some colour!

I didn't have enough space to add the word "colour".

I know my face very sexy chio cute, but please do not get distracted by it. and look at my hair instead. thank you. :)

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