Friday, April 4, 2008

Bosses Restaurant (Dinner)

After many months of passing-by the shop and promising to try out "next time", hubby and I finally decide to eat at Bosses one late night.

Either because it's near closing or because they didn't have enough staffs, we stood outside the shop for quite sometime before someone spotted us.

We ordered tea, congee and some side dishes.

The food arrived first and I was slightly pissed that they forgot about our tea. We had to remind them that they have yet to serve us our tea, but after that "reminder", they kept refilling our teapot. lol.

Wasabi Mayo Prawn my favourite dish that night.

Beef that's tasty and not tough! Yummy..

My congee. A few days after that night, hubby went all the way to Vivocity to buy the same congee for me when I was down with flu and didn't feel like eating anything.

Hubby's congee. :)

Their spoons have this curve thing that ensures that your spoon doesn't drop into the bowl when you're not holding it. Some mountain turtle saw the same spoon in Japan, came back and say that Singapore so lousy don't have this kind of spoons. When I was trying to be nice and inform her that there are many restaurants in Singapore using this kind of spoon, she doesn't believe me. haiz... It certainly doesn't pays to be nice nowadays..

The cute bowls. :)

I like white utensils. They're so pretty. :)

I see a lot of chopsticks with ends like this, so the silly ignorant me asked hubby what's it for. He mention it's designed to allow us to open the chopsticks wider or something like that. I didn't really catch it. :P

I like the Chinese tea cups with handles because I'm not very good at holding hot tea cups.

Hubby likes the 3-button "remote" that's placed on every table. He thinks it's very useful since we can easily get assistance for bill, water and help. At first I was quite skeptical about this remote, but after "testing" it, sure am I impressed with their speed. :)

Hubby and I love the food and we both think it's somewhat better than Crystal Jade.
Although I felt that it's rather expensive, hubby thinks it's worth the price we pay. :)
Bosses Restaurant is located at Vivocity #02-156/157.


  1. ooooo....

    wad if you press all three at the same time...

    "CALL for WATER BILL"???