Friday, April 25, 2008

Which is sexier? Skinny Vs Voluptuous.

Nonnie post about a poll on her blog and got people commenting that she's insulting skinny people here.

I voted voluptuous.

Because voluptuous sounds really SEXY!
(Although I don't know how to pronounce voluptuous.)

According to this website.
Thesaurus: voluptuous
Suggesting sexuality: sensual, sexual, sexy, suggestive.

Antonyms: voluptuous
Definition: well-developed, erotic
Antonyms: flat, underdeveloped

I don't know. Maybe if she put something like slim instead of skinny and chubby instead of voluptuous, the results wouldn't be so erm.. extreme?

I don't mind being slim but I don't wanna be skinny.
I don't mind being voluptuous but I don't want to be chubby and "underdeveloped".

Skinny is like all bones, flat and no figure.
Slim still can have boobs. :p
Chubby is just more meat here and there but maybe no figure.
Fat is like the tyre man? What's his name?

So which is SEXIER?
Skinny or Voluptuous?
Slim or Chubby?

By the way people, if you haven vote for Ms Nonnie, do it now!


  1. just so you know, "antonyms" have the opposite meaning.

  2. Thanks for highlighting! And yes I do know.. :)

    The definition is well-developed, erotic.

    Voluptuous means NOT flat, underdeveloped. Which I am! I'm underdeveloped!!!! :(