Monday, April 21, 2008


I'm so sad loh!

Saturday hubby came to pick me up from work. I missed him like mad lah.

At night had conference call with ShaXiaoMei and JS. lols. Damn funny lah. We all kept joking and stuffs and disturbed Mike from sleeping. After chatting for a few hours hubby decides to join in also and I put my phone on speaker. lols. 4 of us talked about meeting up on Sunday and as usual, crap a lot lah. hahas. We really talk about anything and everything one loh. so funny lah them.

Sunday went shopping with hubby. Cause I wanna find those stuffs I want mah. Find out the price then can save for it loh. Don't know when will I get my pay also. Either this month end or next month end. Will check with May jie again.

Damn sad about my MAC FAFI powder blush lah.

Why no more??? :(

Hopefully I'll get over it fast. Then I'll get another blusher as cute or even cuter. I need to get new make up! I can't imagine that most of my makeup are like years past their expiry date one loh. -.-

My blusher bought sometime in May05 from John little and I'm still using it!!! Mascara bought sometime in May06 from Missha, all the stuffs from Estee Lauder in Oct06 , Za concealer from watsons in Jan07 and canmake liquid eyeliner in May07. Which explains why I'm always having breakouts these days. Silly me!!! *knockknockknockknock*

Then again, what to do.. I'm not like some "rich" girl who buys expensive makeups and throw them away cause she doesn't have skill to make herself look pretty. There are weird people in this world.

Anyway, lack working attire.. So that's another reason why hubby had to go shopping with me. He choose this super huge top/dress that I thought makes me look like I'm preggy loh. He says never-mind, can buy and keep. -.- Needless to say, I didn't buy lah!

So I just started working and have already spent $95 on 3 tops. -.-

Got to remind myself to keep my spending in check. Later no money to eat then die ah. Especially monthly pay hor.. Don't know if I can last one month anot loh. -.-

加油! 微雅!


  1. XD
    so i give you the eyeliner after my assessment la.
    remind me.

    and lol who are you indirectly saying what rich blah blahblah.
    hmm, well i would love to be rich.

    so random.

    and thanks for the so many avatars,.

  2. Not talking about you lah silly kiamchai!