Wednesday, April 9, 2008

White Dog Cafe 21 March 2008

1 year ago, hubby and I ate at the same place! :)

We pass-by White Dog Cafe and decide to eat there again.

White Dog Cafe.

Unlike their next door neighbour, they didn't have a long queue outside even though it's pretty packed inside, so we didn't wait long.

I had to use my phone's camera to take photos (thus the blurry photos) because I forget to bring my camera out! Hubby says I always either forget to charge my camera battery or forget to bring them out.

Hubby's Lobster Bisque. He loves it! :)

My Clam Chowder! Yummy yummy. :)

This is my steak. Super yummy. :)

This is hubby's Fat Pork Knuckle!

OMG! Look at how fat it is...

Piggy: "I'm not fat, I'm just big-boned!"

The food ain't too bad, but we really like the soups! Especially hubby, who's totally in love with their Lobster Bisque. Next time we'll just go there for the soups. :p

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