Thursday, April 17, 2008

Tajimaya Yakiniku (Vivocity) 09 February 2008

On 9th of February 2008, which is the 3rd day of Chinese New Year, some coffeeshops have yet to open for business. So hubby and I decided to make our way down to eat at Vivocity.

We were walking round, looking for places we've never ate at. Wanted to try new stuffs on the 3rd day on Chinese new year. :)

We walked by this Japanese Restaurant call Tajimaya Yakiniku. Looked at what they have, Japanese charcoal grill . Seems nice, so we decide to try them out. :)

When we walked in, there weren't many customer. A young man who looks like the manager served us. We sat at this huge table with lots of seat and holes in the table to put hot coals.

As we walked to our seat, I felt cold and use my hands to rub my arms, the guy immediately went and adjust the air condition for us. He mention that he only adjust it a little higher because when the hot coals and food comes, it'll be a little warmer. :) Plus point here.

The staffs took quite sometime to serve the coals and food, but they were apologetic and polite.

Simple designs.

I like the effect the lights gave, however, I don't think I'll do this in my house. Can imagine the renovation bill. :p

Looks like bread in this blurry photo? It's Mushroom!

I can't remember what we ordered but it's all beef and a plate of mushroom. I love the mushroom but I guess Japanese beef grillings probably not my thing. :p Hubby love the beef though. :)

I don't remember how much hubby paid in total, but it's definitely more than 100+++. Which I thought it's far too expensive to me. :p

This is my favourite photo. :)