Sunday, April 13, 2008

uglyfatchick wears size 22 belt and buys SGD37 worth of panadols.

Short-note: Nope, I didn't go to the foam party not because I can't fit into my 2piece, but because it rained in the early afternoon. (I stay a few bustops away from sentosa, so I know okay!)

Out of the 4 of us, 2 has mummy's genes and the other 2 has daddy's genes. I'm the unfortunate one who looks looks like daddy and has his FAT genes. I guess it's not that bad to be a little chubby for a guy, so my brother's pretty alright. But I'm like a girl loh. A ugly fat girl loh. :'(

I hate it when people says that I look exactly like my dad. -.-
I wished I look more like my mum.. she's beautiful..

Anyway, a little out of topic. Why does everyone in my family has double eyelids (even my hubby has double eyelids) and yet my double eyelids are so not obvious??? They are almost non-existence!!! Why??? :(

This belt belongs to one of my brothers. Yes, the one with mummy's genes and he's freaking taller than me now lah. I so hate him for being taller than me! grrr...

Anyway, since he's not wearing this belt anymore, I borrowed it to "play" for a while.

It's the original state as he used, I didn't adjust it to make it looser (it's not the tightest nor the loosest) and guess what? I can wear leh!

I can fit into a size 22 belt! Muahahaha...

Alright, I think I'm going crazy from staying at home too much.

Anyway, I've got work! I mean like a real job.
Starting work soon and I'm very very excited.
Can learn new stuffs! =)

Hubby bought many stuffs for me yesterday and today.
He bought 1 OSIM Blanket Cuddle in pink for me and 1 OSIM Blanket Cuddle in ice blue for himself. So we each have our own blanket. The blankets are damn comfortable. Very very very soft! But it's really expensive loh. Like SGD58 each loh! -.- Thinking of getting the big one (around SGD168) for my mummy on Mother's day or her birthday.

He also got me this muscle rub thingy (my shoulder-back pain) and a ZA vitamin lip sunscreen at Watson (ZA having 30% sale).

Anyway, today after my interview, we went to Suntec. And we finally found the panadol I want! We were like stocking up like crazy. lols. Cause not many place sells it loh. Guess how much we spend on Panadol? SGD37.00!!! lols. A bit siao right? :p

I think the person at the counter confirm think hubby is mad to buy so many boxes or panadols. :P

Suntec got this travel fair thingy lah.
We got one of these leaflets thingy.
I want to go Korea and Taiwan to shop! :p
Anyway, hubby and I are working out plans to save up so that we can go to the places I want when I have my holidays. Haven start work think of holidays. I must be really mad. -.-

Alright, that's all for now bah. Will blog more food reviews soon. New restaurants. muahaha..

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