Tuesday, April 15, 2008

omg. I googled and feel so stress now lah!

Went to google.com and googled my new company's name.

Had to know more about the company before I start work.
So many good reviews about the company and their service staffs and I'm starting to feel a little scared...

I don't want to be the first from the company that has people rant about on the internet lah!

Told mum last week about my new job. She didn't like the pay and working hours and keep telling me that I shouldn't have quited such a "good-paying" job at XYZ insurance company.

There was once I got a really angry and just told her: "I'm the one working there and that job is really not meant for me! I will die if I work there any longer." That kinda shut her up for quite a while. I felt really bad saying that in her face. I've not raised my voice at her for a long long long time but at that moment, I just couldn't take it.

Anyway, once I start work I'm so gonna be busy!!!
Working from Tuesday to Saturday.
Sunday spend time with hubby. Monday spend time with friends and family.
Meeting darling less means we can start saving up more. I've the intention to save up a huge amount of money maybe like one third of my take home pay, let's hope I can do it k? :P

Alright. Time to orh orh le. I'm tired.


  1. dun worry too much.. some thing jus tk one thing at one step haha.. anyway hope u hav a gd workin exp & achieve ur aim =)