Thursday, April 3, 2008

Facebook out, friendster in again?

I'm not sure about other peeps. but I kinda got tired of facebook already.

Not too long ago, I was spending a few hours every single day playing the games on facebook. Now? I'm addicted to arranging my photos on Friendster.

Friendster finally allow us to have several photo albums instead of 1 and I love it

Then again, I'm done with arranging the photos and have nothing much to do on friendster now.. funny right?


You there!
Laugh with me!
Hahahaha.. Hohohoho..

Okay, enough crapping...
I'm currently doing up this blogshop thingy. Sell away some impulse purchase and stuffs that I don't need. I'm super duper broke now! :(

Anyway, I realise it's so easy to set up blogs nowadays! It used to be more difficult. We have to edit the html and stuffs to make our blog nice.. Now? Just a few clicks and you'll get the perfect shade of pink you want. Haiz...

Am I too old for the internet already?


  1. Facebook allows you more than one albumn as well.

  2. I know... Which means it's nothing new mah. :)