Thursday, April 10, 2008

Bird's Nest Bar, Super Big Shoe, They Kiss Again DVD, randoms..

After lunch at Kim Gary's, hubby and I decide to "walk walk" in vivocity.

Hubby bought these DVDs to backup his laptop and my comp.
But I think it's not enough leh.
*There is a "joke" about this DVD, will blog about it in another post.* :)

We went to so many bookstores to look for his books, but cannot find loh.
Then I suddenly remember I want to do my eyebrows. So we went to do my brows. :)
But alas. The very pretty girl at the counter tell me that they don't do eyebrow treading on Sundays cause the person not around and she advise me to call next time before going down cause the place quite packed even on weekdays. So now I have ugly eyebrows! :(

By the time we walked out of the shop, I'm thirsty already. Then hubby and I pass-by this Dragon Brand's Shop and I notice that they have cooler and pretty chairs inside. So I went closer to check them out. It's a Bird's Nest Bar!!! A quick look at their price list. Not expensive loh! I used to think Bird's Nest very very expensive one leh. :p

Hubby treated us to one bowl each. This cup/bowl is actually heart shaped. So you can actually choose not to use spoon and just drink straight from the cup!

Bird's Nest Bar Loyalty Club. hahas.

I notice this interesting thing and asked hubby to get it too. Heh.
The Chinese words on the packet means : Eight Treasure Tea :)

We walked some more after that and guess what we saw???
Super Huge Converse Shoes! muahaha...

I look super duper ugly and fat in this photo loh.
I was thinking of cutting away my face before posting, but then I forget, guess you all will have nightmares tonight liao. :p

Anyway, on Saturday we went to Ikea remember?
After eating, shopping and buying some small stuffs from IKEA, hubby and I went to Queensway Shopping Centre to look for his running shoes! We went to 5-6 shops, out of which only 2 have the design he wants, the rest don't have. But out of the 2 shops, both shops also don't have his shoe size! *Hahahahas...* My turn to laugh at him! :p

So since he really needs a new pair of shoes, he had to choose other designs loh and guess what? He end up all the nice designs shoes he choose are all ladies shoes! *Muahahaha...* So the shop attendant and I help him to find a pair he can wear and yet not too bad looking. :P

Before we left the shop, I decide to get a Nike basketball, cause the 2 basketballs at my house like always no air one. I forget to take photo of the basketball. :p

After shopping for his shoes I wanted something to drink, so we went to Anchorpoint to get drinks. (Why we didn't buy drinks at Queensway Shopping Centre? -ask me then I tell you)

Anchorpoint looks very very different now loh! When I get my pay, I'm going to shop there. muahahaha... (Shoot, somehow hubby can read my mindlaugh, he just told me I'm not supposed to anyhow spend my pay cause it's supposed to help me last till I get a job and get my "first pay". -.-)

By the way, there's this newly opened shop there that's selling a lot of Hello Kitty stuffs. Think Daphne would love that shop!

Alright, this post is getting a little far too long already.
Hubby and I shopped at Anchorpoint and bought some random stuffs.

They Kiss Again DVD Part 1. I finished the discs in less than 2days. LOL.
Now waiting for Part 2 to come out! :)

Random stuffs I got at Watsons.

Okay.. I'm on this post for about 2 hours already!
Got to go find food. Uglyfatchick is hungry!!!

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  1. I found your blog rather interesting, although am a little saddened by your constant moaning of being fat. Hon, your not fat, your the perfect weight for your height and frame.

    Have a kid or three, then take a photo after the bodies gone through the pregnancy. But YOU ARE NOT FAT!