Monday, April 14, 2008

How uglyfatchick fought for free flowers.

This post is many weeks late all because uglyfatchick thought it's super embarrassing and didn't want to blog about it. But then she thought about it again last week... Since she's so thick skin to go fight it out with some girls she doesn't even know, she should be more thick skin and show the whole world her "achievement". :p

Event date: 23 March 2008 (Sunday)
Location: The Chevrons (Level 3)
Event: Solemnization of Mr Benny Yeap & Ms Lim Yuen Fun

It was a bright sunny Sunday afternoon.
Defector rushed home from work and took uglyfatchick to The Chevrons.
They were there to give their blessings and also to help out. =)

When they reached, there wasn't many people around and nobody gave instructions on what to do. So uglyfatchick decides to do what she does best, take tons of poor quality photos using her Sony DSC-T100.

She took photos of flowers on display...

the chairs outside...

the glasses...

the buffet...

the screen...

Even the random railing...

Then, she received her first mission of the day : to give out little gifts to the guests.
Defector was MC for the day, so uglyfatchick was all alone in the "frontline" smiling at strangers.

It's still rather early and not many people has turn up. She got bored of sitting and waiting for things to happen, so she decide to be crazycreative and displays the little boxes in the form of a big heart shape.

Not very neat, but can see it's a heart shape right???

She's really proud of her little creation. Cause even the photographer (the official one) thought that it's rather thoughtful and took a photo of it. =)

Then, she got her next job. She guards THE BOWL!!
She was really surprised as she have never met the couple before until that day, yet they trust her enough to place her in the "frontline".

Very soon, people starts streaming in from all places.
Families and friends, young and old, everyone came to give their blessings. :)
End up there wasn't enough seat for everybody even after they move another 2 tables in. :p

The ceremony's about to start soon...

I love uniforms. Especially when hubby wears his. *drools*

The very beautiful bride. :)

After the ceremony, it's buffet lunch!! *tummy growls* oops.

Once again, Congrats to Mr and Mrs Benny Yeap.
May you both be always loving.
By the way, we all look forward to the baby's first monthiversary. :)

ah. yes. The flower!!

Remember the beautiful bunch of flowers Mrs Yeap was holding? Uglyfatchick curiously asked Defector if Mrs Yeap's going to do the Bouquet Tossing. Both Mr and Mrs Yeap then replied that if she wants, they can give it to her. Uglyfatchick didn't want that of cause. She just want to have fun and would rather catch a tossed bouquet. Anyway, accepting it would make her look far too desperate lah. :p

After lunch, Defector and uglyfatchick decides it's time to go. They wished the newly weds and bid goodbye. Then they walked around The Chevrons to check out if there's anything that can provide them with some entertainment before they head home. There wasn't many interesting stuffs around accept for an "army shop" selling uniforms. Defector went into the shop to purchase a belt for one of uglyfatchick's irritating brothers, who's in NCC. When they came out of the shop, they "knocked" into Mr Yeap and also saw a group of girls running down the stairs.

Uglyfatchick was still in shock, when Defector and Benny told her to go to the lobby. She went to the lobby and saw more girls coming down the stairs.

Ah hah! It's bouquet tossing!
All the single girls gathered in the lobby. Uglyfatchick could not make up her mind if she should go stand with Defector who's watching at the side out of the "throwing range" or to stay in the lobby and see if the bouquet would fall her way. Oh no, she sees the bride holding the bouquet and she doesn't know what to do.

The bride turned away from the railing. Someone shouted: She's going to toss it! Uglyfatchick has no time to run away now, she'll look like a quitter! Standing nearer to the side, she thought the flower's not going to drop near her anyway so she should be quite "safe" plus the other girls are like way taller!

Suddenly she saw it! Something's dropping towards her! It's the flower! She jumped up. *piah* The bouquet hit her palm, flew back and dropped on the ground. Everyone moved away, still in shock. What to do. Think quick. Uglyfatchick went and picked up the bouquet before anyone else could think.

So that's how uglyfatchick "fought" for a bouquet of flowers.

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