Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Golden Village Gold Class (Vivocity) 07 Feb 2008

First night of Chinese New Year 2008, I decided to give hubby and myself a little treat. I manage to book 2 gold class tickets at SGD30.00 each for “CJ7” and right after that movie, “Kungfu Dunk” SGD10.00 each ticket in the normal rooms.

Kungfu Dunk Movie Trailer.

Jay looks funny here.

Arh!!! They "cut" Jay!!! :p

CJ7 Movie Trailer.

Since we're watching gold class, we get to go into the gold class lounge. By the way, during CNY period, they opened the lounge to public! :)

CNY deco on the doors.

CNY deco inside, on a display table or was it a shelf?

I was in a rush, thus the blurry photo. CNY deco!

Guess what's this???

I know I look like ghost here, but honestly I think it's the lighting. heehee. :p

We sat around in this lounge while waiting for the show to start. Since we have yet to have dinner, hubby decide to order some food. Which we love a lot yet regret later. Read on to find out why. :)

Yup, it's the GOLD CLASS menu. :p

My heart almost skipped a beat when we were in the theater.
The armchairs are like so huge!!!
I sat down and pulled the blanket provided, which is placed at the side of the armchair.
While I spread out the blanket, hubby started playing with the buttons...
located at the side of the armchair. (What other buttons were you thinking??)

I know by now you think we both are such mountain turtles.
But no ones else was there yet, so we were like in our own world kind of thing. *grins*

My hubby is in love with the chair!!! Look at his face! lols.
He looks so uncle right? hahahas..

The buttons allow you to adjust the seat according to how you like. You can even lie down to watch the movie if you like. No worries, even if you’re lying down, you wouldn’t be blocked by anyone!!! The armchair was like a bed to me. so big, so comfortable.

Now, to talk about the food...
Hubby and I love the food! but..
We either ordered too much or their portions are too huge! :p We couldn’t finish our food loh.
I didn't like the cheese in my salad. :(

I like darling's mushy soup!!! Very nice! :)

There's a pizza which I couldn't take a photo of.

Right after the movie, we went straight to the normal room to catch “Kongfu Dunk”. Suddenly the seats all looks so small. lols. But seriously, for the amount of comfort, SGD30.00 per ticket is really worth it! We will be back!


  1. good.more food posts.i steal ur pics kay?
    left beauty, photoshoot, clubbing and alot others.sigh