Sunday, April 27, 2008

Work, Party, Movie. Tired.

Been busy at work.
Thursday I was busy making calls.
Friday I was kinda lonely.
Saturday was interesting.

As much as I want to, I don't normally blog about what I do when I'm still with the company. If you've been reading my blog you would know that my blog is obviously not very "private", so I don't think it's nice to rant here lah. What if a client or my boss sees it? I don't wanna get into trouble. So well.. to be safe. I seldom blog about work. So if you're here to read about my job. I have to say... I'm not ready yet! *winks*

Rushed down to WQ's son's birthday party on Saturday, after work. Was really really late. Everyone was leaving when hubby and I reach. But I manage to see the cute cute de Birthday Boy! Didn't know what to get for the lil boy, so I gave him a red packet instead. Poor boy was so tired by the time the party ends.

Sunday, made use of the free movie tickets hubby got from his friend, we went to Shaw (Lido) to watch The Forbidden Kingdom. Movie's not too bad but too many pretty girls liao!!! grrrr... I don't like the girls lah. So irritating. Esp the one hubby likes. GRRRR!!!!! Don't want to talk to him already. Bring me to watch him drool at girls. -.-

I got my Isetan Privilege Card today. I know I very boliao, get the card just for the private sale. :p Which reminds me... I registered and paid online for my passion card more than a week ago but haven receive the card leh. damn sians.. So slow one. :(

Walked around FEP (FarEastPlaza) while waiting for ShaXiaoMei to let us know what time to meet for dinner. Got my contact lens solution, protein removal tablets and a bottle of SallyHansen Extra Moisturizing 4-in-1 Nail Treatment from Watsons. Very expensive ah! 3 items $61+++. Sianz.

Out the whole day, am so tired. So told Ber and JS I not going to join them for dinner le.
Decide to cab down with hubby to Great World City to have dinner. My favorite fish-rice bowl no more le. :( Damn sians lah. Ate other stuffs loh. Eat until I super full cause he buy so much food!!! But now I'm hungry again. lol. Hubby says my tummy is never full for long. :p

Bought some sweets, shaving stuffs and pantylinersfemale product from Guardian before cabbing home.

Resting soon.. Hope I can ignore my stupid cravings and go to sleep.. Have to cleanup my room tml later!

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