Thursday, April 10, 2008

HK Kim Gary Cafe/Restaurant (VivoCity) 06 April 2008

Hubby and I had always wanted to try the food at this Kim Gary Cafe, after countless times of seeing super duper long queues outside this cafe? Restaurant?

On 6th April 2008 (Sunday), Hubby and I decide to make a trip to vivocity to try their food.

We were a little early and there wasn't many people in the shop. We got a seat there’s near the window, but I wanted this seat in the corner that looks very comfortable and cozy. The waiter told us that the table is reserved for their staffs to have their lunch. So we didn't get that table. :(

Their cutlery comes in mini plastic box.

Anyway, to cut this "review" short, hubby and I didn't like our food.
The food we ordered and had don’t seems to "justify" the queues we saw.

The noodle I had smells really really nice (the onions) but really didn't taste as good as it smells. I ate less than half of it. The meat’s a little too tough (overcooked or something), my drink is a little too sweet, even the mini drumsticks thingy was only average.

Hubby didn't know I took this. Don't tell him hor... Sh.... :P

The only item hubby liked, was his Iced Yuan Yang.
Maybe we ordered the wrong stuffs, will try them again when I’m in better mood.

I have to rant about their service! After we’re done with our food, we wanted to go to their counter to pay, but when we stand up, they came to us and say they’ll bring us our bill. So we sat and waited for the bill. Waited for quite a while before the bill came. Hubby gave this waitress his credit card to pay for our bill and she went and never came back!!! We waited about 10mins and decide to ask another staff for our bill. We waited another 1-2mins before darling’s bill came back to us. -.-

Next time I’m so gonna use the exact amount so I don’t have to wait for the change or cards.

(2 and a half stars)

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