Sunday, April 20, 2008

No Visa Priority Queues at Golden Village Vivocity?

I've watched a few movies at Golden Village Vivocity, almost all the tickets are booked online since I don't really like queuing up. The place's a maze but I really really like the gold class. :)

My gold class review:

The only thing I hate about GV at vivocity is the VISA plat priority queue. The counter is NEVER opened. Hubby and I went there to buy tickets and twice the counter is closed but the queue is opening for queuing. I'm not sure if you get what I'm saying. haiz..

First time, we went there on a weekday night and there weren't many people, in fact that's no one in queue but hubby and I decide to go by the visa priority queue since it's straight and short and not long and curvy like the normal queue.

Another couple went into the normal queue after us. When the counter is free, the girl behind the counter decide to serve the other couple first even though we were there first!! I was really pissed not only because we're in the priority queue and hubby have already taken out the card but because we were there first! If they don't serve that queue, at least seal it up or move it away. We got so pissed we decide to go home and not watch movie that night.

Second time is yesterday afternoon (Sunday).
There was a queue at the normal queue but no queue at the priority queue, so hubby took out his Visa plat card and queued up at the priority queue. Some people queue behind us, which means we weren't the only people in the queue.

They(GV) served a few customers from the normal queue and after waiting for about 5mins, it seems that everyone behind the counter is ignoring all of us in the priority queue.

Hubby got a little pissed because it's the second time it's happening and we've never had that problem with other GVs. So he decide to ask for the manager, that's when the girl behind the counter asked if we're paying by visa in a "I'm really busy, if you're looking for trouble please stay away" tone. Hubby asked for the manager and she ask us if we're paying by visa again. I nearly wanted to tell her, no we're paying by hell-notes. That's how pissed I felt, but nah, I didn't say that lah.

When the manager came out he gave instructions to another staff before coming to the counter to talk to hubby. Hubby asked if the bank or visa is not giving them enough perks thus they are not operating the counter/queue, since it's not the first time that we were ignored. He (the manager) asked if we were paying by visa even before replying.

I feel really puzzled. If we weren't paying by Visa why are we queuing there? Do we have "don't know how to read" written on our faces??? Anyway the staffs and manager weren't apologetic at all, so we decide not to watch the movie and walked off.

I know I rant too much. :P

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