Saturday, April 19, 2008

Remember my Christmas "wishlist"?
I end up buying most of them with my own $$$.

I don't want to put up wishlist liao. Also no one buy them for me one. :P
But then ownself buy things actually quite happy also lah.. Got satisfaction. Cause it's my hard-earned money mah.

Things I wanna get or do.

1) Customised Bass/White-gold/Silver Name Necklace with any of these names: "christina" "weiya" "uglyfatchick".
2) MAC FAFI Powder Blush Fashion Frenzy (Price unknown)
3) Beauty Credit Pressed Powder Refill & the sponge.
4) IKEA mini white cupboard (SGD48) plus mini mini wood cupboard (SGD22) X 2 = SGD92
5) New contact lens. (I saw this damn chio one! :P)
6) Money to buy nice clothes for work and nice clothes for play.
7) A good eye liner that works the way I want it to. :p
8) Do hair hair, nail nail and lash lash.
9) Go SGflyer, ZooZoo, Sentosa, Chalet, Japan, Taiwan, Korea. (Play, eat and shop!)
10) Ang Pow aka Red Packets. Donations welcomed!

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