Monday, April 7, 2008

My current favourite place to eat and shop is..

located at 317 Alexandra. *grins*
They have their own restaurant located at the 2nd level.
Their restaurant is pretty famous for their Swedish Meatballs!
I also like their chicken wings and smoked salmon. :)
Can you guess where's it now?

When hubby and I went to have our fix of chicken wings and Swedish meatballs on 5th April 2008, we saw bad news at the Restaurant.

The restaurant would be closed from 7th April to 22May!
I'm so upset can. :(

Because the restaurant is normally always full, we always attack in this order.

1) Find seats.
2) While looking for table, discuss what we want to eat.
3) After finding the table, one person sits to "chop the table".
4) The other person clears table and quickly runs off to buy food for both.
5) Attack the food. :)
6) Clear own table after finishing.

Taken while waiting for hubby to come back with our food! :)

Anyway, what I thought is interesting at Ikea, is that on their tables, instead of signs introducing food, they have signs advertising their furniture! They feature different furniture at different tables. Cute right? :)

On 5th, we had chicken wings, smoked salmon, meatballs and lime jelly. The price is pretty average. Not too expensive, only trouble is looking for seats and clearing the table on your own if you don't wanna wait for the helpers to help you clear them.

There are 5 types of chicken wings that I love.
1) Crystal Jade Fried Chicken Wings
2) Yoke Kuai BBQ Sweet and spicy Chicken Wings
3) IKEA Fried Chicken Wings
4) Yoke Kuai BBQ Chicken's Wing
5) Boiled Chicken Wings also known as White Chicken Wings.

IKEA's Smoked Salmon. :)

The MEATBALLS! -Hubby's Favourite.

Both hubby and I love the food at Ikea. :)
Blogging this at 4am in the morning is really the wrong time eh?
I really really hungry already lah. :(

Can't wait to go back there to eat and shop again.
I need a few more items to complete my "room makeover". *happy*
I love my cozy lil room. :)

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