Wednesday, April 23, 2008

How to celebrate birthday?

Time of the year again.
I'm supposed to be really happy but I don't really feel so leh.. how??

Everyone's been asking me how I'm going to spend that special day.
My answer?

With WORK.
Working on Fri and Sat, really hope I'll have an enjoyable day when I finally rest on my off-day. *cross fingers*

Same time last year MOS send me this. I received it again this year lah.
Just thinking if I should ask any kind souls to chip in so I can have mini party at MOS.
Then again I don't normally drink/dance much, so what's the point. Plus I like to take photos, inside so dark, very hard to take photos one loh..

Then I received this from CDM.

Yeah! They remember my birthday! :p

Looks like a pretty good deal at SGD300++.
But I don't really know what to wear there leh.
It's easy to ask 10 person out but to have 10 of my close friends who can drink, attending and not last min run away because of rain or whatsoever reason, is a big problem. I don't have many friends who can drink well and yes, very sad to say I don't know if I even have that many friends to invite lah. :(

Thought of chalet but honestly don't have the funds and time to do so nor.

Hmmm.. Maybe I should not celebrate at all this year and then next year do a big big one! Then everyone will have to bring me big big gifts! muahaha.. see I'm so evil. :p

To save earth and your pockets, uglyfatchick urge all of you:
Please do not buy me soft toys or paper birthday cards, just give me the cash. muahahaha.. okie kidding.. Kidding about the give me cash part. Just wish me will do k. Don't need to give me anything, just wish me and I'm really happy already.

Gawd I sound so fake right? Aiya. ok lah shower me with lots of expensive presents lah. I will like it! Really!! Argh! Do I sound very confused? Am I confusing you? I think I'm hungry and tired, not thinking right.. Then again I seldom use my brain to think.. or do I? LOL. I am LOST!

*brisk walk to kitchen* at 12.10am.
-if I'm not back in 5mins, means I've found food!


  1. I WANT GO

    and erm i want food too.
    *mouth itchy.