Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Christina (19)

Christina (19)
Birthdate: 09 May 1988
Horoscope: Dragon, Taurus
Height: 145 (been-teased-about-my-height-since-Kindergarten-days)
Weight: 38-43kg (I often get girls telling me that I'm fat. *sobsobz*)

Primary school: Radin Mas
Secondary school: CHIJ St. Theresa's Convent
Post Secondary School: ITE Bishan (Higher Nitec in Accounting)

Likes: Jiro Wang, Jay Chou, Music, Shopping, Nice food, taking naps, Watch DVD/VCD, watch movies, going out with friends, chalet-ing, see the world, makeup, softoys, k-boxing, read comics, read books, sports, taking photos and blogging...

Dislikes: Cold, Hot, Noise, Pain, Waiting, looked down upon, bullied, insects, yucky food, ill, and being misunderstood.


  1. The format of this post looks awfully familiar... LOL

    Btw you look cute :)