Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Addicted to advertising.

This is free advertising. but I couldn't care less. I think I'm addicted to advertising. Someone stop me please..

I'm like anything.

He is like whatever.

This is a can of anything.

Anything could be Cola, or Cola with Lemon, or Apple, or Fizz Up, or Cloudy Lemon, or even Root Beer.

This is a can of whatever.

Whatever could be Ice Lemon Tea, or Peach Tea, or Jasmine Green Tea, or White Grape Tea, or Apple Tea, or Chrysanthemum Tea.

I realise that from the outside it's not known what's in the cans itself and sometimes even after drinking 1 whole can, I don't even know what I'm drinking. Yesterday darling and I was drinking a can of very sweet whatever. and we very trying to figure out what's it. All we could confirm was it's a type of tea. -.-

So I thought they should print a tiny code at the back of these tag thingy to at least let people know what they have just drank. :P


  1. Hey thanks for commenting at Cooler Insights. Looks like you and your darling have certainly given Out of the Box a lot of reasons to smile and for free too! Its certainly interesting what they do for something as plain vanilla as canned drinks, and let's hope that they can prove the naysayers wrong and wing it! ;)

  2. Thanks for commenting "back". hahas.

    yeah. support local stuffs. then again, I prefer coke anytime. :p