Thursday, May 10, 2007

Busy busy..

I know I owe all of you a "post-birthday post".
but I can't blog yet cause I don't have all the photos in yet.
Wait a few hours more k? *huggies*

Tonight, I promise. I try to get it done by tonight. =)

Alright. Let's see what I've done so far for the past few hours.
1) Woken up by my hp alarm clock.
2) Search for jobs online. (the recruitment company also don't want to help me.. :'()
3) Blog about some free online dating site.
4) Went to meet the buyer of my mum's Nokia N73 Music Edition phone.
5) Came back home with newspaper, food and 1 bottle of pepsi
6) Took some photos so that I can blog later.. =)
7) Transfer the data into my comp and edit the photos.
8) Read some blogs and found out that losing 20kg in 4months is possible! I feel so ashamed of myself now.
9) Typing this blog entry.

What are my plans for the next 5 hours?
1) Continue to find job!
2) Work out a plan to lose weight also lah. I think I look better in 2005 cause I was slimmer!
3) bathe! the silly weather is making me stinky.


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