Monday, May 28, 2007

donut factory, sushi and peanut pancake?

My colleague bought us donuts on her last day of work. How sweet right? (no pun intended). She had to wake up early to queue for them. Yes you heard me right. You actually have to queue to buy those donuts. They are delicious and everyone wants a piece. I thought it's a little too sweet for my liking but I finish it all anyway. I forgot to take a photo of my donut. :(
Seeing this photo of the box, makes me miss Gillian. :(

Sushi from the marketplace. $1.80
I just realise I've been eating way too much rice.
Fish are way too expensive and rice fill me up more.

I bought this today. $2.00 and I have to roll the thing myself.

The crispy thingy with peanut $1.00.

This is some pancake thingy sandwich-ing a thick layer of peanut.
I felt sick thinking of it now.
Had too much peanuts...

Bah... how to lose weight like that. -.-
some more I have a small cup (paper cup) of coke everyday...
Someone save me please...

I have something to confess.
I drink very little water, cause I don't like to go toilet when I'm working. (toilet is on another floor)


  1. Thought that thing is call wafer?

    Aiyoo.. your post make me very hungry now.

  2. Not sure :P

    hee.. It made me hungry too. :P

  3. Wah! You can really eat hor! Like that how to slim down. :)

    And please don't call yourself ugly fat chick. When I reply your comments, it seems so rude to call you that. So I change it to ufc. hehe....

  4. heee.. what to do. I love to eat nice food. :P

    I changed my nick. =)
    what do you think? hee..