Friday, May 25, 2007

It's Saturday..

Time pass by so fast. It's almost end of the month already...

Working is tough.
You get to meet all sorts of people.
and you have to live with them.

unlike in school, if you don't like someone, you can choose not to group with them.
You can sit at different ends of the classrooms and pretend that each other doesn't exist.

but when you're working.
You can't choose much.
You have to work with whoever they ask you to work with.

Why am I writing this?
because someone kept bullying me and I really hate her.
She pretends to treat me well in front of others but when no one's around, she scolds me for mistake she/others make. -.-
If I didn't respect the fact that she's so much older than me, I would have told her off. (not in front of customers lah.)

I enjoy most of the time I work, less the body odor thing. (I'll touch on that another time..)
I actually like some of the people there.

Maria who always gets biscuits for us. :P
LaTiff (I don't know how to spell his name) who always talk to us. Tell us about fashion and stuffs. And he helps us a lot.
Gillian who helps me out when my pants got a huge hole.
Chia Ning (I also don't know who to spell her name :P) who's from KL.
PeiPei, Kelly, Adeline, Jenny.. All these are nice people. =)

Did I name everyone? hmmm.. :P

*PS, I think I'm falling sick or something..*

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