Friday, May 11, 2007

Uglyfatchick's 19th Birthday. (lots of photo!)

I want dinner! I want dinner! I want dinner!

Want to try something new, so we went to "The Mussel Guys" at Vivocity...
There were 2 big groups of people having their dinner there, but at least they weren't that noisy..

My fat boy's (I-forgot-what) tea and my sprite. =)

I just love it when they are laid like that..
Like 3 very close friends that can't live without one another. =)

Soup! I like the soup. =)

This is when one group of teenager steps in and decide to sit near us. -.-
5 boys, 5 girls = 10 noisy kids.

Back to our dinner..

Fat boy decides to order this (I forget the name but it's something XiaXue loves), as appetizer & it cost about $30 for 2 small piece. I don't like the sauce, so I didn't really touch it.

ah.. our main! We didn't know it comes with rice. I don't like the rice!
and the pepper is too HOT lah. and and I don't really like the meat also.. but I finish the meat and the veges. =)

After dinner, darling and I went to get my cake from a chocolate shop.
It's just outside vivomart.
and I found a chocolate that's taller than me!!!

I always thought it's fake.. then I read the little tag on top.. It says it's made of real chocolate and ask people not to touch it.

Wanted to meet up with Belinda Sha Xiao Mei (she was at Vivocity too)..
but because the cake would melt and the 3 boys can't wait to celebrate my birthday, I had to rush home loh.. *We'll meet up soon.. =)

Us on the travelator thingy. ^^

The cake I choose. $20. (Daddy sponsored after my mum nagged at him to..)

I don't know why I look so weird lah..

This photo taken by my mum. =)
Notice the puzzle I told you all about? =)

I am really happy when they sang the Happy Birthday song.
But now I'm really angry with my maid's super lousy photo taking skills!
She's worst than my mum!!!
Chinese New Year, we finally get a chance to take 1 family photo, but she screwed it up.
Now, she even screwed this (without my dad) family photo. I feel like killing her. After she take the photo, she still dare to say it's very nice. Grrrrrr!

Don't talk about angry stuffs le..
Let's see what I've got.. =)

You know what's this? A blue envelope with my birthday card inside lah!

Look like me bor?
What's inside is for me to know, for you to find out. =)

(Dear family and friends, please refrain from buying soft toys for me! I really have too many soft toys le...)

That said, I have another new member added to my soft toy family...

It's a girl!!!

She met teddy... =)

bear hugs... *shivers* ;)

On Thursday, Jasmine come down all the way to my house!
I was kinda shocked. I was still in my sleeping attire.. *shy*
and Jasmine, we forgot to take photo together!

She reached my place, and hear me talk on and on for 2 hours.
Jasmine.. you really still haven change le.. still so quiet. =P

When she went back, I open the present and card.
I suddenly remember that I have to take photo after I took the wrapping paper off my present. hee..

The card...

Wah.. Me to You bear card ah.. must be very expensive loh..

But do you know..
I cried when I open the card?

That's really super sweet of you Jasmine. Really super sweet.
I didn't expect it really.

After opening the card, I could guess what's in the box already..

and it is what I thought it is!!!
Thank you Thank You Thank you so so so much Jasmine!

Sorry, I can't resist. Must post photo with it! =)

I had a really nice birthday and I want to thank everyone who remembered & greeted/wished me (even if it's belated also counted lah).

In aphabetical order (If I miss anyone out, I'm really sorry! It's 4am and my eyes are closing..) :
Belinda, Frozenmama, Guan Zhu, Hui Fen, Hui Shan, Jasmine, Jason, Kenrick, Koen, Kyla, Larissa, Lee Leng, Luke, Mandy, Nonnie, Ryan Jie, Samantha, Xin Ying.


  1. ohh. so when i exclaimed that youre old alr.
    its not a blessing to you?

    matured maaah
    aiya seeyousoon


  2. aiyo why cry when u see e card.. its was totali simple.. din even write much things dere :X actually wanted mail it to u but e cup v fragile n dun want to drag till ur bdae over too long den give u so might as well jus make a trip down :P i oni know u lk jiro wang mah so oni can get tt lols somemre din reali hav e time to make a trip down orchard or bugis to look ard for gifts :P

  3. KiamChai
    Which women doesn't want to be forever young? :P

    Very touched mah.. You not only remember leh, you even got me something I like.. =)
    I'm not so "细心".. =P