Saturday, May 19, 2007

What I would like to win most!!!

Is this!

Motorola Unlocked Razr V3 Miami Ink Dragon & One Year service plan

It's lust at first sight :P
I know I know.. A sweet little girl like me should be going go-go ga-ga over pink phones.
But what attracted me to this phone it's the dragon design! The "steel" cover makes it man-ly and cool. I've been wanting to get a good slim flip phone since last year, but I couldn't find anything nice.. Now that I'm pretty broke, I can only dream off winning it...

Anyway, how did I come across this?
I couldn't sleep, (it's 2.25AM now!) so I surfed the net instead.. guess what I found?
A site that lets you bid for the item you want to win and the lowest bid that's unique wins!

What's even more interesting is that the bids are just like a representation which means they are used just to determine the winner of the prize! So if you win a prize, it is absolutely free! They even pay for the shipping!!!

The sad truth is.. it's not available in Singapore lah! :(

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  1. wah i lk dis phone :U but jus bought new phone afew mths ago cant buy so soon again ><

  2. yah nor!!!

    I bought my k750i think on 20thJuly mah.. hmm.. I should start saving up soon..