Tuesday, May 22, 2007

CRM Software

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management

Customer relationship management is immportant when you want to make more sales, however CRM software is typically confusing and overly complex! Many people spend most of their time on managing a CRM application instead of making sales. (that should not be the case!)

For a better solution for Customer Relationship Management, try AIMpromote.

Superior to traditional CRM software, AIMpromote is the best choice for increasing sales and improving business intelligence. AIMpromote will change the way companies look at CRM software.

They will do most of the work, so that your sales team can focus more on making sales, and less on learning software! They get rid of all the confusion and provides a solution that can be implemented with quickness and ease. They only make available those features that benefit your organization, so it reduces the number of features and functions your sales representatives have to learn and manage, thus allowing them to work more efficiently!

AIMpromote.com is an on-demand software, sometimes referred to as software-as-a-service. This means that there is no software to download or install!

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