Friday, May 25, 2007

Entertain yourself on the go.

I'm always travelling, to work, to school, to home, to shop.
and every time I listen to songs/radio on my Sony handphone.

Now, how I wish I have an ipod!
I found a iPod Video Converter software that can convert DVD movies, family videos, and recorded TV shows into iPod!
I always miss those interesting 9pm, 10pm shows and even if I can record them, I have no time to watch them. :(

It's a software made by PQDVD, which is a cool tool to convert DVD to iPod with a few mouse clicks!

Download & install the software from , after launching the video converter software, click "open" button to select a dvd or video file. Now you can start recording the video into iPod format. When it is ready, you may put the converted file into iTune library and sync with your iPod.

Currently, there's free trial for this software.
And for only $39.95 you can convert unlimited number of DVDs and videos and enjoy the freedom of entertaining yourself anywhere, anytime!

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Can someone get me a iPod please? :P

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