Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Is that guy or girl? Sorry, I don't know who this is.

Mike complains that ever since I started my work as a Sales Associate at XXX company, I don't have enough time for him.

He start works from 6am and ends at about 7pm. I start work at 1-2pm and end work at about 10pm. He's quite free on weekends and I must work on weekends. He complains that it's hard for him to stay awake till 12 midnight to talk to me over the phone cause he needs to wake up at 5 plus, the next morning. He complains that I don't see the "difference-in-work-time effect".

Well, what can I say?
I've always been the night owl. Even when I was studying, and I need to wake up early to go to school, I sleep late. It's been like that for the past 2-3years and he doesn't notice?
Honestly, I've never complained much about him not spending enough time with me. So today I must 1 time complain everything (gao gao).

I have school holidays and he needs to work.
He goes out with his friends on weekends (when I was studying, I'm free on weekends!)
He takes up part-time studies and has little time for me.
He has oversea trainings. (I'll always remember the fact that he was away for my 18th Birthday.)
He has to go somewhere for many many days and can't really call/sms me.
He had work on many weekends too.

All these I've never really complained much or make a huge fuss cause I thought work, studies and friends are far more important than me to him. I've never really ague with him for all these but now that he's complaining. I really cannot stand it. If he's tired, he can go sleep. I never use a gun to force him to talk to me on the phone. If he's unhappy about the timing of my job, then I must say, I hate the timing of his job too! :(

*Just to let off steam post.*


  1. Why not getting a clerk work..as time is 9am to 6pm..then you will have more time with ur dear...

    you can try out the job agents ..ask them to help you to look for office job...part time or full time..
    try the newspaper for job agents..

    dont stress ah.....cheer up!!

  2. After this 1-month temp job, I might try to get an office job..

    Thanks ah.. Cause I just feeling moody. think pms. :P