Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Free online dating.

I was online, looking for a job when I chanced upon this dating site.

Looks pretty cool. I always thought we have to pay through our nose with credit cards (which poor people like me, doesn't have) to use the services of dating sites, but this site's for FREE! I mean we don't have to pay anything to use their features! Don't even need credit card to register!

I thought they would be like those match making companies that match makes you with someone you might not like! Guess what? they even have a forum for their members to interact!

I really want to know if it's for real before I introduce them to you guys. I can look for a girlfriend for myself "in the name of trying this site for my readers" yippe!

I filled in some details and click Go.

Just 60-seconds to sign up for!

I thought this site is too good to be true. No such thing as free lunch in Singapore... This dating site caters to those in United Sates and Canada! *sigh*

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