Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Miss Universe 2007

I didn't watch it but I know who won.
anyway, Tuesday's The New Paper featured Miss Singapore

I got a shock. Who is this on the cover? Miss Singapore? Don't bluff me leh. don't look like her at all..

I saw her photo on the Miss Universe website.. and she looks like this.

So cute!

So anyway, she felt that her shortcoming is....

TOO SHORT? how short?

Okie. She does look tiny in this photo. But I thought she looked the best here too.
Sunny, sweet and fun-loving.

I'm probably a dwarf standing next to those giants. -.-


  1. We have Miss Universe, why not have Miss Cutsy as well. Judging from the picture, Singapore is sure to win. The criteria to win is shortest and cutest figure, height, and erh... breast as well.