Monday, May 7, 2007

Why uglyfatchick? (True story)

There was a time when I was really adorable. or at least I thought I look pretty cute.

That's 15 years ago.

As of all fairy tales, pretty childhood doesn't last...

At 7 years old, my mum gave birth to her first son, Vincent.
She had no time for me, anymore. Not even time to tie my hair in the morning, so I had hair so short that it ends at mid-ear.

At 8 years old, my mum gave birth to her second son, Kenneth.
She didn't love me no more. (at least that's what I felt).
She scolds me for everything and anything, and everything seems to be my fault.

At 9 years old, my mum gave birth to her third and youngest son, Kelvin.
I really start to hate babies. They cry and cry non-stop. The youngest was the worst of them all. All of us were premature babies but Kelvin was 2 months premature so he was always sick and always crying.

At age 10, I start to do a little better in school. I felt the need to get my parent's attention.
They never seem to care about me anymore. and My mum always says I'm fat!

At age 11, I don't really eat much, but I kept growing fatter and fatter. and I had a crush on this kid in school, but he rejected me in the school canteen. I will always remember that sad feeling.
Suddenly, I'm a fat chubby unloved child.

At age 12, I felt that my new form teacher doesn't like me. She's always pulling me down. I will always remember she told my dad that I will not do well and should be happy to be able to go to a normal neighbourhood school. So I just slack, slack and slack away, while all my classmates studied their hearts out. In the end I only got 3As, 1A* (225) for my PSLE. I wanted to get at least 252 to go Crescent Girls School.

From 2001-2004:
Let the photos do the taking.

So why uglyfatchick?
Ugly - used to describe "evil thoughts" and my outer appearance then.
(nick was created for use in forum, before this blog was formed)
Fat - used to describe my well, fatness (if there's such a word. -.-)
Chick - yes, why chick?

1) Why not cat or any other animals?
My previous nick was (baby)penguin since penguins are birds, I naturally want my "new" nick to be associated with young feathered animals.

2) Why not duck?
Because ugly ducking became a swan, and as for me, I don't foresee myself becoming any swan or peacock or whatsoever one day.

3) Chick represents cute, young and vulrenable.

4) Chick also stands for girl. (eg hot chick.)

5) Chick is like the short form for Christina. =)


  1. I was shocked by your short hair.

    And it's good to see a brand new you now.

  2. hahas. my hair was irritating my face, so I chop them off. :P

    p.s. My face is rounder than yours. =)